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About Sanom

Sanom Poss, a native of Thailand, started cooking at the young age of twelve while living in Thailand with her mom and siblings. Sanom’s mom, who sold her homemade Thai lobster bisque in the local market, taught Sanom that recipe and many others. As the oldest girl, Sanom was expected to help with the cooking, starting very early in the morning preparing the fire to make the rice—-a staple to every Thai meal. She also learned how to make traditional Thai spices by hand-grinding the spices herself because there were no food processors or electric grinders available. Yet the hardest part of any meal was the chicken—-not cooking it, but rather catching it live beforehand! But don’t worry, there is no call for a live chicken in any of the recipes on this site, in her cookbook, or in any of her cooking classes.

Sanom moved from Thailand to Nashville, TN when she was 21, bringing with her a decade of experience in cooking. Over the years, Sanom has added her own touch to each meal. Having taught cooking classes for several years at University School of Nashville Evening Classes and through in-home instruction, Sanom has adapted her recipes to help simplify what many have thought of as complex meals. In sharing her love of Thai cuisine, Sanom hopes to foster a love for her homeland cooking in cooks of all experience levels.